The best of clean beauty, thoughtfully curated
by Canadian standards.

No one should have to compromise their health for beauty. portia-ella doesn't settle for anything but the safest, most effective products. Together, with our clients and makers, we’re shifting the mindset and creating The New Way of Beauty.


Whether you're starting with one product or ready for a complete upgrade, we're here to guide you along the way. Commit to go ethical and book a one-on-one consult.

portia-ella's wide selection of Canadian brands are screened through a lucrative knowledge and performance-based selection process that ensures the best ethical beauty has to offer. Our mandate focuses on sustainable, ethical and fair-trade practices with a large selection of organic and vegan alternatives.

We don't just strive for wellness, prosperity, and beauty externally; we look for it in all forms of life and in all ways possible. Supporting Canadian businesses, engaging with our community, and working together to clean up our daily routine and environment one product at a time.

portia-ella delivers unparalleled service and access to a cleaner approach to beauty. We offer Canada's only professional Ethical Makeup Artistry CertificationTM, and work with professional makeup artists across the country.

What does portia-ella mean?

[portia] an offering [ella] feminine. portia-ella is an offering to the feminine within us.
The PE crest is a circular shape, representing the perfect cycle of life.