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Living with Possibilities featuring Elissa and special guests 

Thursday, April 18th, 2019 - 12 to 8 p.m.
OC Winnipeg Studio 555 Sterling Lyon Pkwy

Join us for an exclusive after-hour's workshop jammed packed with tips and information on the challenges we face living with allergies!
Whether it's you, your children, or someone you care for. Navigating through narrow options can seem like a daunting task and Elissa wants to help you gain insight to regain your freedom with allergies.  

Come enjoy vegan delightful foods and organic teas that are freshly made for you. 

What we will discuss:

  • Living with allergies and how to prevent a reaction
  • Uncovering the relationship between allergies and other conditions like asthma, eczema and immune compromise
  • What to do in case of an anaphylactic attack or other allergic reactions
  • Live demonstration of proper epitome protocol 
  • How organic products are an option for people with allergies
  • How fragrance can exacerbate allergies
  • How to quickly scan through an ingredient list and recognize allergy triggers  
  • How to find skincare and makeup that fits your needs and lifestyle

15% discount will be offered to the participant. Gratuity option will be open to thank the HBAs for their outstanding support and help during the event.

Spots are limited and fill quick.

About Elissa Aisicovich
Struggled with allergies her entire life, living with so many restrictions and seeing others experience the same adversities has led Elissa to create a safe place for all to learn about the different possibilities when living with allergies.
Elissa offers allergy-friendly one-on-one Skin Fit Upgrade's for those wanting to upgrade their skincare routine without compromising their health and keeping their allergies in mind.

If you can't make this workshop and want to book a personal experience with Elissa and discover what Portia Ella offers for allergies? You can book her here.  


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