Rebuilding for Resilience and Impact

Rebuilding for Resilience and Impact

Published by Portia-Ella on 19th May 2020

portia-ella Winnipeg is officially opening its doors on May 19th at Outlet Collecton Winnipeg, and May 30th at Orchard Park Shopping Centre in Kelowna. We’re so excited to see you in person and have your good energies flowing through the studio again!

So much has changed, yet our heart beats just the same. Before we give you the low-down on what changed, the whole team at portia-ella thank you from the bottom of our heart. Your orders have allowed us to keep going while we emerged as a new version of ourselves.

A community thrive as we support each other and you’ve shown us that you care about local businesses, a sustainable economy and a world fair and equitable for all. THANK YOU!

Health and Safety

Is it ever hard to run a business in these shifting sands! Every day things change because of new protocols, new information, new expectations.

March came in and we all felt it. Something big was about to happen. Most of us had no idea how much our life would change, and how businesses would have to evolve to survive.

Within a few days of physical studio closure, our entire operations shifted. Heartbreaking layoffs, emptying our studios and turning the keys were amongst the first difficult decisions to make. But, when a community of empowered women aim toward a goal bigger than any of us could accomplish alone, anything is possible. And we have a mission: to provide easy-access to sustainably produced, Canadian and female-led beauty brands to all Canadians. We tripled down on our efforts, and we will continue to do the work to make it happen with a renewed focus on who we are, our core values and what makes us different.

We moved our whole inventory off-site to a private warehouse, and quickly created a new workflow and re-assigned tasks to team members. The team adjusted brilliantly, demonstrating ability to shift in the most variable scenario – it’s only when we hold a strong vision as a team that changes like this are possible. How proud we are to say that our team could move so swiftly without any major disruption to operations!

Shortly after, we became aware that an organization in our community had lost a portion of their funding. Mama’s for Mamas is a national charitable organization that supports mothers and caregivers in crisis and experiencing poverty-related struggles. We launched a campaign to raise awareness and encourage clients to make their purchases using the code MAMAS at checkout. This code has been used over 100 times! We’re excited to share that 5% of every one of these sales will be donated to Mama’s for Mamas.

Online Offerings

With April came the beginning of Spring, and the beginning of a beautiful journey for the Portia-Ella brand. We acquired the Green Beauty Collective, an education-focused company from Vancouver, merging our offerings and creating an alliance that truly was perfect timing! Jacqueline, our Creative Director, came on board and has since been a key player in creating a whole new online experience. 

We have launched a series of live videos, workshops, online consultations, with more new experiences on the way. Coupled with the launch of four beautiful new brands, we can truly say that we are emerging with reawakened energy and a desire to serve you in the best manner. The client experience is wholeheartedly at our core.

A business is a mere reflection of the humans that constitutes it. We’re humans with heart and thrive on building real connections. Through all these changes we continue to deliver an unexpected and unparalleled level of service. We listen intently and serve with care.

This is what we do. We Cultivate Beauty.

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