behind the scenes: green friday weekend

behind the scenes: green friday weekend

Julie Michaud

Wow! What a whirlwind! Green Friday and Cyber Monday feel like a whole season on its own. The amount of work that comes into it is humbling and am so proud of team portia-ella for pulling it off, it takes a team to create this kind of magic!

From trying to negotiate the best prices possible from our women-led small business suppliers, to navigating the ever-growing expectations set by ultra-funded and subsidized big corporate! Extra-hours from each and every single team member, new merchandising in-studio and online, designing newsletter that speaks to you - all the while staying true to our values and purpose.

We are grateful for your support, all of it! Your encouraging words, your patience while we handle the increased volume of orders, your shares, and comments, engagement with us and your desire to keep small businesses alive and well! THANK YOU!

To us, promotion days make a huge difference. It's no surprise that we've been struggling the last few years. Between personal tragedy and loss and a complete shift in the market and social culture the idea of closure lurked around like a shadow just waiting to catch its prey. As we're trying to convince ourselves that it's because of inflation and means changing, big corporate are growing at a rate unseen in the last decade. It leaves us wondering.. So we adjust, again and again trying to get back to where we once were. Trying to win your heart all over again by multiplying efforts and offering value like never before!

This Green Friday and Cyber Monday, we aimed to introduce you to new small indie brands and products, while showing you our appreciation by discounting the most popular brands and products. We were able to introduce other local small businesses successfully by using our higher-than-usual volume. We were able to shower you with gifts and promotions and remind you the impact you have by choosing local over big conglomerate. 

Your purchases matter. Your purchases design the world as we know it. It dictates what we create more of, and what we see less of. It has the power to foster community and heal through genuine connections.

Thank you for making a difference and supporting the portia-ella community and hundreds of other local business owners!

In the spirit of the Holidays, we will keep weekly fun promotions going for the whole month of December!

From my family to yours,

with a heart full of gratitude,

Julie and the whole team at portia-ella