Portia-Ella leads the movement toward all encompassing personal care through careful curation of Canadian brands on and in current and upcoming studios across the country.

Together with a growing number of Canadian brands, we are making a statement: This is The New Way of Beauty. One that is Healthy, Sustainable and made with Community in mind. We are currently enhancing the Portia-Ella client experience, one that will support our plan to have a location in every major centre in Canada. 

By joining a young Innovative Canadian brand you are guaranteed the opportunity for Growth within the Beauty and Fashion industry.

Are you ready for your #DreamJobWithPurpose?

Portia-Ella, an environment that fosters HUMAN, WELLNESS and GROWTH.

Come be a BEAUTY leader with us!


Ethical Makeup Artist (EMUA)
Holistic Skin Expert
Intern - Social Media & Community Manager 


Join the Headquarters
Software Engineer
Graphic Designer
Bookkeeper/Administrative Assistant


6 Good reasons to join the Portia-Ella brand

1. Portia-Ella is a Fun, Collaborative Culture
Culture is important, it's how we support each other to reach professional and personal goals, we want to celebrate all the wins along the way with you. No matter which role you play at Portia-Ella you matter.

2. High-Performance Team of Professionals
We are a team of driven and achievement-focused individuals like yourself. As a team, we work together to make Portia-Ella The New Way of Beauty. The competition is always external, never internal. Together with us, you'll be moving one of the most competitive and dirty industries in Canada.

3. Open and Transparent Communication
We share our networks and opportunities so that we can leverage each other’s strengths. Management communication is always transparent, we understand we're in this together.

4. Portia-Ella is a Value-Based Brand
We have ethics and so do you, our four pillars are how we support Community, Health,
Giving and Ethical Business Practices.

5. Continuous Learning Environment
We will always provide a supportive and continuous learning environment that focuses on accountability to achieve both business and personal success. We share our best practices with each other and believe in a culture of growth.

6. Financially Rewarding
We offer the most competitive and comprehensive compensation in retail.

Beauty and Fashion is a very rewarding career for those who are driven to be the best!