Hydra Revive Treatment

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Bella Aura products are made with Swiss bio-actives blended with ancient traditions. Our products are based on botanical extracts of plants, trees, fruits, leaves, flowers, and the protein content in their roots: 100% natural botanicals and biologically advanced ingredients essential to healthy skin.

Revive dry, dull skin with this ultimate hydration treatment and gain 20 years of youthfulness within four weeks (in-vivo study). This essential oil-free serum effectively hydrates, replenishes, soothes, and balances the skin at the cellular level. Formulated with Icelandic moss, peat moss, and evergreen fern extracts, which deliver antioxidants and vital minerals to the skin while providing intense hydration and calming inflammations, this treatment is ideal for eczema-prone and reactive complexions. Your skin will look and feel visibly smoother.

Targets: Congestion, Dullness, Sun Damage, Anti-Pollution Protection

8 Benefits in 1: Dryness, dehydration, eczema, loss of elasticity, uneven skin texture, dullness, fine lines, oxidized skin

Directions: Morning and night, apply to face and neck after cleansing. Layer this under Daily Repair Moisturizer / Night Cellular Renewal or wear alone. Also apply to any dehydrated areas on body.

Active ingredients: Lichen Cetraria islandica (Icelandic Moss)Moss Sphagnum Magellanicum (Peat Moss), and Fern Polypodium Vulgare (Common Polypody) are true experts at dealing with moisture – in nature and on the skin. They retain and store water and boost the skin’s NMF. This interplay enables them to turn back the skin’s biological clock: after two weeks, the skin becomes approximately 10 years younger. After four weeks it even gains 20 years of youthfulness.

Scientifically proven results in-vivo and vitro studies:

  • Rehydrates and shields the skin (in-vivo study)
  • Rejuvenates the skin by roughly 20 years within 4 weeks (in-vivo study) 
  • Pampers your feet by smoothing, moisturizing and reviving them right down to the soles (in-vivo study )
  • Supplies and retains water (anecdotal in-vivo study) 
  • Boosts glycerin (skin substitute model)

Client Experience: Bella Aura Hydra Revive is simply magic. I suffered from dry skin and eczema for years. Since using Hydra Revive, my skin feels smooth, and my eczema has greatly diminished. I’m so amazed at how quickly it started to restore my skin to supple and younger-looking after just 4 weeks.”

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