Influencers + Creatives

You have a message to share with the world, and
only YOU can deliver it.

You live with purpose, have an ethical standpoint on life and feel we can do better for this world. Your message is important, and there is an audience that is perfectly suited to hear it from YOU.

Portia-Ella wants to help you share your message!

Kaitlyn Dickie vegan

We live in an era with so much noise, it's more important than ever to join our voices! By collaborating with ethical brands, social influencers, creatives and bloggers, we believe we can truly impact the world positively.

There are many ways we can collaborate. You can tag us to be featured, share your message,
promote the Portia-Ella experience. In any way, reach out, let's get to know each other!
You could get selected to be featured by our creative
 team and participate in a full Portia-Ella production to share YOUR message! 

Bringing Purpose to our Collaboration

Your lifestyle portrays wellness, local support, ethical living 
In these lifestyle collabs, our team captured the habits of bloggers and influencers. The captions matter!

Portia Ella lifestyle

You know just how to showcase ethical beauty
These editorials showcased the talent of MUA and models using Portia-Ella skincare and makeup brands. 

Portia Ella Fashion

Your story, your message
Kaitlyn is sharing what it looks like to be vegan and working toward zero-waste through her everyday life. 

Engaging, Stunning, Sharable
Shyanne demonstrates how focus and determination makes you unstoppable, strong and capable of anything. 


Tell us about your unique message and purpose via email: 

*Portia-Ella takes pride in supporting multiple Canadian brands and over a thousand products and no one product alone can attest to the Portia-Ella experience! If you’re looking for product sponsorship, we recommend going directly to the brands.