MM Pro Launch

MisMack Clean Cosmetics 2019

Introducing Missy MacKintosh
Internationally acclaimed Pro Ethical Makeup Artist

For one day only, book a one-on-one hands-on discovery of MisMacK Clean Cosmetics.

MisMacK pushes the technology and performance of natural cosmetics to new heights, with both consumer and pro artists in mind. With MisMacK, Missy has set to ignite the creativity of makeup artists and inspire makeup lovers around the world.

May 29th, 2019 10am to 9pm
At Portia Ella Outlet Collection Winnipeg Mall
555 Sterling Lyon Pkwy, Winnipeg, MB

Reserve your spot *Limited spots available
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MisMack Clean Cosmetics

You are the artist. With your brush strokes, you enhance or transform every day looks into elegant, pretty, theatrical, or even non-human experiences.

 You are the artist. You create, you influence and convey the feelings of empowerment, confidence, beauty, nostalgia.

 You are the artist. You earned a reputation from years of practice. Nothing can stop you now. Amp up your kit with ethical options.

MisMack Clean Cosmetics Pro Discount  

Explore the MisMacK Collection: 
Flawless Foundation proprietary clean technology
Moisture Locking Lipstick in seven stunning shades
Art Shadow + Eco conscious Pallet
BLUR HD Setting Powder
GAIA Gloss new tech multi-functional lip gloss
Biodegradable Glitter seven show stopping environmentally friendly shades

Push your Limits.
Work Flawlessly.
Ignite your Creativity.