Ethical Makeup Artist

Location: Kelowna, BC
Wage: $15 - $19 depending on experience 

portia-ella is looking for a Career Driven Ethical Makeup Artists (EMUA). Are you ready to cultivate off of social media and transform your one-on-one experiences?

We are seeking talented individuals that have the passion to learn quick, want to create a positive impact, and lead the indie Canadian beauty scene.

You know how to leverage:

- Your connections & retail background to drive sales in a caring way
- Your leadership skills to build a community around you that cares
- Your creativity & passion and actively share it with people

natural makeup at portia-ella
ethical makeup at portia-ella

Learn to:

- Enhance your strategies that engage people on a human level
- Set personal goals and deliver on them
- Create a remarkable client experience that will build lifelong relationships
- Understand the fundamentals of the skin 


As a portia-ella Ethical Makeup Artist (EMUA) you are the welcoming face of the portia-ella brand. You are the ultimate ambassador for ETHICAL and Canadian made beauty brands. You take pride cultivating relationships and know that this is what the world needs right now.

You are educated on all things portia-ella; products and services, the ethical beauty industry, and have health and wellness knowledge. You position yourself perfectly to help guide existing and new clients on their journey.


You are an expert and share your knowledge

You inspire clients to upgrade their skincare and makeup routine to ethical brands at portia-ella

Contribute positively to team goals and efforts through the art of sales and community building

Ensuring all store operations are completed effectively and timely

Maintain a visually beautiful, clean and well-stocked studio

Represent portia-ella and yourself with gratitude and pride

Develop a wide range of skin knowledge (rosacea, acne, age spots, sensitivities, redness, etc.)

Know how to professionally (and playfully) apply makeup to your clients specifications


You make it easy for clients to find what they need, when they need it. To do this efficiently:

You keep a productive store and maximize your client experience

Actively participate in all merchandising activities including, but not limited to: stock maintenance (restock shelves; and monitor stock for easy product replenishment).

Organize and keep the studio clean, take care of the plants (they need love too)

Accurately count and balance cash and inventory  

What We Can Offer

A healthy, supportive work environment

With the mastering of your position you are staged for growth

Skincare, products and ingredients training

Makeup kit and tools for in-store appointments

Discounts, product perks, and workshops

Competitive benefits package

The opportunity to cultivate new relationships

A kick-A$# brand to be a part of

We cultivate beauty, and this involves hearing from our EMUA's about what clients are asking for and need from us. We’re a young growing brand! In other words, we’re a small team and we work collaboratively, giving you the opportunity to make a bigger impact on the business and find your fit within the portia-ella group of companies.

BEST way to apply is in person at your desired studio location.

If applying via email please indicate the position and city you are applying for in your email subject to career@portia-ella.ca

Portia-ella is an equal opportunity employer and values inclusivity. We hire based on personality, ability, and desire