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portia-ella, an agglomeration of all your favourite feelings related to beauty but with conscious values, sustainable practices and ingredients you trust.

Most popular terms such as: "clean", "green" and "natural" are simply not regulated. From how ingredients are sourced, to the making of the formulations and how we operate as a business, ethical practices matter to us.

Today’s market requires more transparency than ever before and this is what we bring to the beauty industry. 

Practices & Ingredients you trust

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Education based

Our studio Holistic Beauty Ambassadors (HBA) and Ethical Makeup Artists (EMUA)go through extensive knowledge base training. They pride themselves on being exceptionally familiar with skin health and makeup techniques. Ensuring customers can make confident and informed choices from the education they receive in studio or online.

portia-ella is built on continued research and learning on ingredients, products, and skin issues. We evolve as the market evolves staying up to date on beauty and skin.

Community driven

Community matters. Giving back to our communities whenever we can in the form of collaboration (both charitable and non) has been with us since day one.

Supporting female entrepreneurs is one of the pillars at portia-ella and we are proud to be supporting over 50 female-led Canadian brands.

We feel confident knowing exactly where our dollars go and what we support.

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portia-ella Values


We create the world we want to be a part of.


We collaborate, enhance, and bring joy.


We are knowledgeable and professional.


Dedication and willingness to fail.


We build trust through genuine connection.