Our 5-Steps Selection Process


1. Assessment

We listen to what our clients are requesting. It is always top of mind that our current offerings are meeting the needs of our customers and we continue to explore the best options available.

2. Ingredients

We review many products and brands every year. Screening ingredients, sourcing processes and seeking transparency from the makers to ensure the product meets all portia-ella guidelines.

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3. Product Testing

We professionally test every product. Once we approve a products ingredients & sourcing process, we ensure it delivers results! Products are tested by various professionals using different application methods. We want to guarantee a product is effective and works well on a variety of skin types, ages, and people.

4. Impact

We consider the environmental impact and footprint of the product and the supplier by taking a dive deep into their processes and business choices.

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made beauty co. Winnipeg, MB

5. Human Connection

There is a real person behind each brand and we make sure to get to know each woman on a personal level. For portia-ella to share all the benefits of a product with you, we need to get to the heart of the people we work with and support.