Canadian Beauty Brands

portia-ella holds the largest selection of female-led, exclusively Canadian, clean beauty brands. Vetted by our team of ethical beauty experts, we're proud to say that each and every brand we carry follows fair-trade practices when sourcing ingredients and takes a holistic focus on environmental sustainability when it comes to manufacturing. 

Go ethical without compromise. Shop portia-ella to find your new favourite Canadian, cruelty-free, vegan, and organic brands. We know you'll love them.

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Bella Aura

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Bottle None

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Brush Naked

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Cocoon Apothecary

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Corpa Flora

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Da Lish

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Druide BioLove

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Elate Clean Cosmetics

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Forest Garden Soap & Sundry

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Fitglow Beauty

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Gaia Smiles

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Graydon Skincare

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Kaia Naturals

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Lifance Super Natural Skincare

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Naked Apothecary

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Öko Creations

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Om Organics

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Plume Science

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Pura Botanicals

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Pure AF

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Pure Anada

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Puur Ingrid

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Sappho New Paradigm

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Skin Essence Organics

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Sweet LeiLani Cosmetics

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Tin Feather Cosmetics

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TOK Beauty

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True Glue Beauty

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Veriphy Skincare

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Viva Organics

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Wildcraft Skincare

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Wyld Skincare

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Zyderma HS

Conscious. Ethical. Canadian.

Brands are vetted by an expert team of lab professionals, ethical makeup artists, and certified holistic skin experts.

portia-ella makes it easy to shop for beauty that aligns with you. Shopping at portia-ella means you're getting the best in ethically sourced ingredients, conscious formulas, and no questionable ingredients. We live and breathe Canadian beauty.