Gua Sha Stone


Gua Sha was said to have been used for healing purposes in Traditional Chinese Medicine. This ancient skincare ritual helps stimulate the lymphatic system and increases blood flow to the face. It helps alleviate muscular tension in the face and neck, and any stress held in the forehead, whilst helping to tone and tighten. Pair with any serums or oils to help distribute the product evenly on the face and neck, while simultaneously enhancing the product’s absorption. 

This item is sold out due to the floods in BC, but is on its way to portia-ella! Please note that it will ship with the rest of your order once it has arrived.

    • Neck - Sweep over the neck into vertical sections from the base of the neck to the jawline.
    • Chin & Jawline - Slide from the middle of the chin, up along the jawline to the earlobe on each side of the face.
    • Lips - Sweep the tool all around and over the lips.
    • Under Eyes - Be gentle in this area of the face and start at the bridge of the nose in the inner corner of the eye, and glide the Gua Sha under the eye across the cheekbone; repeat on the other side. 
    • Brow - Pass the tool on either side starting from the inside and working outward along the browline. 
    • Forehead - Sweep in horizontal sections from the center of the forehead outward to the hairline on either side.

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