GlitterEnvi - UFO


This glitter is something out of this world! Like it's sister shade Unicorn, UFO will have you mesmerized by it's sparkly holographic effect.

Introducing our environmentally friendly, biodegradable glitter line. As micro-plastics are being banned in countries all across the world, MisMacK wanted to bring a solution to the market. We are so proud to say that MisMacK is the FIRST brand in Canada to do so. We firmly believe that our eco-water systems shouldn't be put at stake for our love of glitter.

5 g

  • Pro Performance
  • Intense sparkle and major pigment
  • GlitterEnvi is fully biodegradable and environmentally friendly
  • This glitter is comfortable on your skin and removes easily

Can be used on eyes, face, hair, and anywhere your heart desires.

Pair it with our GAIA Gloss as a glitter primer.

Go ahead and ignite your creativity. 

Polylactide, Shellac, and Pigment.

*May Contain CI 77510, Aluminum (0.02%).

*Not vegan due to Shellac binding. Shellac is a resin left behind on trees from the female Lac bug, and the resin gets scraped off of the tree.

  • Peta Cruelty Free
  • Fully Biodegradable
  • Clean Ingredients

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