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Loose Mineral Foundation Refill | 21 Shades


This loose powder foundation is a dream come true! Perfect for oily to normal skin, this foundation provides you with a silky, smooth, full-coverage face that will last you throughout the day. A little goes a long way with this powder and can be layered for your perfect look. Use this refill to replenish your loose powder dispenser.

10 g


  • Light, full-pigment powder gives easily buildable coverage
  • Dry formula works best on oily or normal skin, leaving a cream to powder finish


  • Arctic Alabaster - (porcelain, cool) A porcelain shade of foundation for the very lightest of skin tones. A white shade of foundation with slight pink undertones, Arctic Alabaster is perfect for people who can never find a foundation light enough for their complexion.
  • Northern Light - (porcelain, warm) A peaches and cream shade of foundation for the very lightest of skin tones. With yellow undertones, Northern Light is perfect for people who are very fair, with warm complexions, such as women with red or strawberry blonde hair.
  • Prairie Rose - (very fair, cool) This is a cool beige shade in the light range. It suites the fair complexion that has obvious pink.
  • Atlantic Bisque - (very fair, neutral) A popular fair shade of foundation due to its balanced beige undertones.
  • Ivory Chinook - (very fair, warm) This is a warm neutral shade that looks very natural on a variety of light skin types. It helps tone down redness and even skin tone. Ivory Chinook is a popular foundation for fair complexions.
  • Glacial Sunrise - (light, cool) This light shade is a match for those with pink undertones.
  • Sunkissed Canadian - (light, neutral) This very popular shade is perfect for a light complexion with a bit of a "pink" tan! It has neutral, balanced undertones and suits a wide variety of skin tones.
  • Soft Wheat - (light, warm) This is a warm neutral shade that is darker than Ivory Chinook. Its warm undertones help tone down redness and even skin tone. 
  • Flaxen Field - (light, olive) A cool, olive shade of foundation for light to medium skin tones. It is perfect for people who find other shades too "orange". Suitable for some Asian complexions.
  • Mountain Sunset - (light/medium, warm) An even blend of Soft Wheat and Amber Honey. The popularity of the warm gold shades, demanded a new color.
  • Beige in Banff - (medium, cool) This is a medium shade of foundation for a lady who has a deep pink complexion. It also blends well on tanned Caucasian skin with beige, (as opposed to gold) undertones.
  • Pacific Tan - (medium, neutral) A popular neutral shade that exudes more bronze than golden tones for women with tanned complexions.
  • Amber Honey - (medium, warm) This foundation suites Caucasian women with very dark, golden tanned skin. Because of it's high concentration of yellow pigment, it can also be worn by certain ethnic groups.
  • Niagara Fawn - (medium olive) A deep cool olive shade of foundation for medium to deep skin tones.
  • Maple Sugar - (deep, cool) A rich base with bronze, as opposed to gold undertones.
  • Cappuccino - (deep, neutral) A popular, deep, neutral foundation.
  • Caramel - (deep, warm) A rich caramel-brown for darker skin tones with strong golden undertones.
  • Hazelnut - (global, copper) A classic shade for dark complexions with copper undertones.
  • Cocoa - (global, neutral) A rich, classic brown shade with balanced undertones.
  • Swiss Chocolate - (global, rich) A balanced chocolate brown that suits many deep skin tones.
  • Ebony - (global, deep) A deep brown/black shade of foundation for the darkest of skin tones

Apply primer on clean skin to achieve a smooth, even base for makeup application and apply mineral foundation. Keep in mind, that "less is more", since it's very concentrated. A jar typically lasts someone 4-6 months with daily application. Use a flat top foundation brush for best results. Tap a small amount of minerals into the cap, dip in the brush, and buff onto the skin in a circular motion.

Oily to normal skin types · Full coverage

Mica, Titanium Dioxide (CI77891), Zinc Oxide, Silica, Boron Nitride, Iron Oxides (CI77491,CI77492), Ultramarines (CI77007)

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