StufF Bags

One of a kind Upcycled StufF Bags


These upcycled fabric bags are made in Winnipeg, MB by a local woman named Julie Pedersen who is closing the garbage loop while educating her two young boys on business and ethics. 

​These bags are made from upcycled Cotton and Wool Fabric from the thriving furniture refurbishing and manufacturing market in the city. 

Julie from StuFf Bags collects the clean cut-offs from the refurbishing process and creates these cute durable bags (no one alike) that hold all your ethical beauty essentials.

Every bathroom needs its own one of a kind bag.

This story started in 2017 with two boys and a request for a treehouse. 

James, six, and William, four, had many ideas of what this treehouse would have, from trap doors to a zipline. But when asked how it would be paid for, the boys grew very quiet. 

In a group effort, inventory was taken in Mom’s studio to see what they could make and sell. Boxes of discontinued designer fabric swatches were paired with a zipper and ‘StufF’ bags were born! 

This became a family project and a lesson in delayed gratification. The boys clipped threads, added zipper pulls and worked the cash at local craft sales. The ‘StufF’ bags raised enough for the treehouse and the demand for the bags continued. In keeping with this learning opportunity there is a vision, and now a fund through The Winnipeg Foundation, to give back to children in our community. 

Each one-of-a-kind ‘StufF’ bag keeps beautiful fabrics out of landfills while giving back to the community. 

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