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3D-Printed Recycled Travel Case (Double)


Made from 100% recycled Canadian plastic, these containers are perfect to use day to day in the shower to hold your soap and/or shampoo and conditioner bars. Then, while traveling or on the go, they can be used with the lid to safely transport your bars, maximizing their longevity. 

While we can't eliminate plastic consumption entirely, there are key actions we can take to reduce our consumption. Become a part of the bigger change and partake in this creative solution that supports the planet and your self-care!

When producing a waste free product, our ingredients still come in single use plastic containers. We aren't a big enough company to change how ingredients are shipped. But what we can do is come up with a creative solution to use our plastic waste. Our plastic is broken down and then re-created into printer filament that is used to create our bottles and travel/soap dish sets.  

If you ever break it, or decide you don't want it anymore, just send it back to us and we will break it down and re-print it into a new one.  

The soap dish fits within the travel case! 

To maximize the life of the bar store on the soap dish and just use the travel lid when travelling. 

5.5" L x 3" W x 1.75" H

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