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Vegan Silk Lashes - Classic


True Glue’s falsies are made from cruelty-free, fine, and thin synthetic fibers to mimic mink fur – so they feel luxuriously silky (which is why we call them “silk lashes”). This style is forever classic, classy, and feminine. 

True Glue Lashes are made out of the finest and thinnest synthetic fibers to mimic mink fur. The band is hand-made cotton thread for easy-peasey application. Reuse up to 20 applications per lash.

  1. Begin by removing the first lash from the lash tray. 
  2. Then bring the lash next to your eye to see if the lash needs to be trimmed (if so, you can trim it with a pair of scissors). 
  3. Next, hold the edges of the lash between your fingers and bend it into a U shape.
  4. Apply the True Glue all natural lash adhesive along the lash band and wait 30 seconds or so for the glue to become tacky. 
  5. Finally, use tweezers or an eyelash applicator to line the lash against your natural lash line (as close as possible), and press the lash against your lash line (begin with the center of the false lash, then glue it on from the inner to the outer side).
To get the full 20 uses from these lashes:
  • Use our tweezer to hold one end of the band and peel the lashes softly off the tray. Do not pull on the lash hairs with your fingers, as this will damage the lashes and add dirt and oily residues on them. 
  • Do not use mascara on directly the lashes. If you want to use mascara, then apply the mascara to your natural lashes before putting your falsies on. 
  • After taking off your lashes, rid them of any mascara and glue. This can be done by holding the lash by the base and gently peeling off the excess mascara and glue.
  • Place the lashes back in the original tray and box so they keep clean and retain their shape.

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