Selection Process

Often, synthetic ingredients are put into personal care products to make them cheaper to produce. But that doesn't mean that they are safe for humans or the environment.
At Portia-Ella, we believe in a better way: The New Way of Beauty. Each ingredient in our products are the highest quality and play a positive role in your health.

Portia-Ella's Selection Process

  1. We ASSESS what our clients need and want. We then determine whether our current offering meets these needs
  2. We REVIEW multiple products and brands annually. We screen ingredients, and ask key questions to the makers to ensure the product is suitable for Portia-Ella and our clients
  3. We TEST. After determining that a product is safe, we need to know ensure it delivers results! We ensure products are tested by different professionals so that different application methods and preferences are considered. We want to make sure a product is effective and works well  on a variety of skin types, ages, and people
  4. We CONSIDER the environmental footprint of the product and the supplier company by taking a dive deep into their processes and choices
  5. We GET TO KNOW each other on a personal level. There is a real person behind each brand. For Portia-Ella to share all the benefits of a product with you, we need to get to the heart of the people we work with and support!  

Our Products Always

  1. Meet or exceed the labeling and product safety of Canadian regulations
  2. Are made with ingredients deemed safe. We stay current in the beauty market by researching the ingredients that might go into products we carry
  3. Follow Fair Trade practices
  4. Chose environmentally friendly packaging, each in their own capacity
  5. Made with care and community in mind

Our Products Never

  1. Test on animals. Seriously, why do brands still do this?
  2. Use harsh synthetic and artificial ingredients. The alternatives work much better anyway! The list of ingredients not found in our lines are long, however, here are the few worst offenders which our products are absolutely FREE of:
    • Parabens
    • Phthalates
    • Sodium Laureth/Lauryl Sulfates
    • Triclosan
    • Synthetic Fragrance/Parfun/Perfume
    • BHA & BHT
    • Petrochemicals
    • Synthetic Colours
Our mandate is to work ethically, environmentally and with great care in mind.

If you have questions about our selection process, get in touch. We look forward to the conversation.