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Drastically improve the health and appearance of your skin with the Portia Ella proprietary protocol, Skin Lift Express.

This isn’t a technical service where we simply go through a motion. Skin Lift Express will give you a dramatic exfoliation and lymphatic drainage, will release tensed muscles and adhesion between the skin and muscles (connective tissue). Face yoga, reflexology, cupping, meditation and breath will be used to maximized the effect of this technique. Cupping will create movement in all the layers of the skin, giving it movement and flexibility to absorb all the nutrients delivered through the carefully selected oils. The results are a visibly contoured face, a reduction of the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines in just 35 minutes.

Note: Congestion may be relieved as a result of this treatment. Cupping increase the body’s ability to get rid of stagnant fluid and mucus.

  • $33 + gratuity for a 35 minutes service
    *Gratuities received are paid entirely to your HBA or EMUA in recognition for their exceptional service, knowledge, and skills.

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