Team Leader


You have a ridiculous amount of energy. People naturally follow you and gather around you. You have a strong sales record, and understand how to bring a team together.

At portia-ella, your work has a purpose. Your role is to lead and influence your team with confidence and loyalty, to establish a relationship with our customers and to offer a service with unlimited possibilities inspired by confidence and empathy. Clients leave our space feeling confident, they were advised the right products for their skin and they made a meaningful connection.

Your role goes beyond "making sales:. Increasing our sales is not our sole purpose, but rather a consequence of the achievement of our mission.

We believe (and you should as well) that our boutiques do not produce results; our employees do, including you. So it is important to elevate your whole team to ensure everyone is successful.


  • You deliver the portia-ella customer experience
  • You direct and influence your team with confidence and loyalty
  • You optimize the performance of your team members and create trusting partnerships
  • You support, train and coach the members of your team
  • You optimize your own performance
  • You support the implementation of our marketing strategies
  • You support the manager with smooth operations of the store