Why Choose Portia-Ella


*Featured above are our very own Valentina and Sofia from our Kelowna Studio! Come meet them!

We are putting our dollars into what we want to see more of. We're looking for fewer things, and more meaning. At the end of the day you make the decisions that impact the world.


Portia Ella is beauty, redefined ethically. We search across Canada to bring to you a thoughtfully curated collection of safe, ethical, organic, cruelty-free and vegan skin-care, makeup and personal care products and services. 

The choice is simple - go ethical without compromise. Working closely with our brands and suppliers, we're creating a new paradigm in personal care that puts you first. Your health, your safety, your vision of beauty, your future. We're creating The New Way of Beauty.

Portia Ella's wide selection of Canadian brands are screened using a thorough knowledge and performance-based selection process that ensures the best ethical beauty has to offer. Our mandate focuses on sustainable, ethical and fair-trade practices with a large selection of organic and vegan alternatives that are high quality and without compromise.

We strive to go beyond wellness, prosperity and external beauty. We thoughtfully consider the complete lifecycle of our products, support Canadian businesses, engage actively with our customers and in the communities we serve as well as continually work to increase our environmental sustainability.

Portia Ella delivers unparalleled service and access to a cleaner approach to beauty. We offer Canada's only professional Ethical Makeup Artistry Certification™, and work with professional makeup artists across the country who share our values through our Pro Program

Whether you're starting with one product or ready for a complete shift to ethical beauty, we're here to guide you along the way.

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[portia] an offering [ella] feminine. Portia Ella is an offering to the feminine within us.
The PE crest is a circular shape, representing the perfect cycle of life.


Created in 2014 by Quebec-born Julie Michaud, Portia Ella began as a small e-commerce website working with Canadian indie brands that has evolved into a modern, experience based national ethical beauty studio.