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First time here? Time to travel? Need a gift? Look no further than Sahajan's Discovery Collection This collection, the most requested item from their community allows for a simple yet highly effective routine of their Ayurvedic Best Sellers to keep your skin glowing anywhere. It features Sahajan's Essential Cleansing Oil, Balance Toner, Radiance Serum, and Nourish Creme Riche. The Essential Cleansing Oil will melt makeup and any daily yuck, the Balance Toner will gently exfoliate and protect the skin and our clinically proven Radiance Serum will help to impart more even and glowing skin. Lastly, finish with the best-selling Nourish Creme Riche to get your skin back to its healthiest centre.

30 ml Essential Cleansing Oil · 30 ml Balance Toner · 10 ml Radiance Serum · 15 ml Nourish Cream

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