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GLOWY SKIN: Prevent and Protect with champion ingredients

Tried and true (anti) aging Champions that make your skin glow

Skin solutions for irritation issues your skin is experiencing from face masks.

Back to the Start with: Corpa Flora and Viva Organics

Here to support you, so you feel confident in a routine that matches your lifestyle

Graydon Berry Rich Cream

Refresh FOUNDATION: soft, sheer coverage, boost of hydration | 10 shades

Those looking for a minimal makeup routine, can benefit from the plant-derived ingredients

Gaia Smiles at pportia-ella

ORAL CARE: is your mouth a host for yeast and bad words?

The mouth is a digestive organ with a powerful impact on our overall health

Gaia Smiles at pportia-ella

Mask-ne: eczema, dry patches, burning & inflammation

Skin solutions for irritation issues your skin is experiencing from face masks

Skin solutions for irritation issues your skin is experiencing from face masks.

NATURAL DEODORANT: this prairie brand really works for you 👍🏽

Local brands have high formulation integrity, they  make sure their products work

native natural deodorant that works

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portia-ella Chat Support: real person support & recommendations.






Vitamine D

Vitamin D is a Canadian winter essential. It's an encapsulated sunshine providing essential support for your immunity, good moral, and in the maintenance of bones, teeth and general health.


Stress Fighter

Body feeling worn down and you need a Stress Fighter? The adaptogenic mushroom blend adapts to your body’s unique needs - whether you’re combating physical, mental or emotional stress (or maybe a bit of it all).


Energy Boost

Harness the power of plants to offer an all-natural, sustainable form of energy that will help keep you going throughout your day, without the crash and burn like caffeine or sugar-based energy supplements. 


All Well Told Health

Clean and highly efficacious supplements crafted from organic plants and nothing else. Completely science-based approach harnessing the power of plants to make you and the world a healthier place.


10 stars for customer service and product knowledge. The ladies at portia-ella are really warm and friendly, know so much about skin and what works best for each person according to their skin needs. They are really intentional about helping instead of trying to push products on people the atmosphere is relaxing.

S. Nair

I would like to say thank you. Thank you for the cute way of packaging, thank you for the extra goodies, thank you for the sweet note. I always want to support this company as I believe it stands for such great things. Working from home these days and really miss seeing people and your note especially in this shipment made me feel part of a community.


Visited portia-ella and was really happy with my experience, I was looking for tooth powder (which I love) and got a low-waste haircare routine as well. The studio is so clean and cute with awesome staff, Candace Rae is an absolute delight, so warm and welcoming, I highly recommend portia-ella and their products are from the best clean brands.

L. Wren

Canadian, organic, ethical and safe are the reasons I walked through the doors a few years ago. How my skin has responded and my experience with the skincare professionals within is the reason I shop exclusively at portia-ella. Congratulations on sourcing superior, made in Canada products and offering the public such knowledgeable, warm, thoughtful staff!

N. McMillan

This place is amazing. Every single box on my responsible purchasing checklist is checked!! Vegan, Organic, Cruelty-free, Canadian, Sustainable, Female-led it's all checked off my list. Riel was crazy knowledgeable, kind and patient. All around, one of the best retail experiences I’ve had in a very long time.

K. Matheson

portia-ella is beautiful and the staff are amazing! I was looking for a cleanser as I've broken out during covid working front line. I went not knowing anything, I'm a *whisper* shoppers drug mart/Walmart shopper *end whisper* and left with all sorts of beneficial products. The team is helpful, kind, and down to earth with prices that are super reasonable.

J. Henderson

Love everything about portia-ella: the energy, the products and specially the people who work there. I bought some amazing products last week and Fernanda was so helpful, she helped me to choose the best products for my skin that i'm amazed by. I could tell Fernanda really loves working there and believes in what portia-ella is doing.

L. Rechia

My new favourite shop beauty shop! Amazing, welcoming and friendly service to help educate and choose the best beauty options. Beautiful, ethical and sustainable Canadian made natural products that are incredible. My favourite product so far is their amazing deodorant line pureAF. It really works!!! I officially broke up with Sephora.

H. Oatway

Stunning, simple smokey eyeliner look

40 seconds, 4-steps

Do a simple  winged eyeliner look with natural makeup, we promise anyone can master this easy 4-Step smokey eye it's foolproof.

Get tutorial & products for this look here
EyeColour Pencil | Onyx
EyeColour Pencil | Onyx
EyeColour Pencil | Onyx

shop all Eyeliner | $16+

Non-toxic eyeliners with no irritation

Angle Brush
Angle Brush

shop all Brushes | $9+

Vegan, cruelty-free, sustainable brushes

Lash Curler
Lash Curler
Lash Curler

Drop-dead drama with one close of the curler

AMP'D Up Mascara
AMP'D Up Mascara

shop all Mascara | $16+

nourish, lengthen, strengthen, and volumize

Island Nights - Eyelid Primer
Island Nights - Eyelid Primer
Island Nights - Eyelid Primer

Your ultimate eyelid Primer & more.

Learn this simple smokey eyeliner look

These 4 simple steps can enhance the way your eyes appear

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