portia-ella, an agglomeration of all your favourite feels with conscious values, sustainable practices and ingredients you can trust.
toxin & cruelty free | clean & organic | female-led & fair trade | natural & locally made

women-led brands

did you know women are statistically more inclined to include community, ethics, sustainability and employee well-being while running their businesses?

our commitment to women is at the heart of portia-ella and we are proud to offer women a prime space to amplify their voices and ideas.

every dollar you spend here is supporting our local economy amplifying local businesses, and ultimately enhance the very communities we live in.

sustainability matters

in 2017, approximately 78 billion single-use plastic cosmetic packages were produced. over half ended up in the landfill in 2018, and the rest in 2020.

keeping our environmental impact in check is a priority. sustainable beauty ensures you look and feel great while keeping the planet and ultimately your health top of mind.

we reduce portia-ella's footprint by working with local brands, suppliers, and manufacturers who shares our commitment to the environment.

knowledge & education

your skin's health matters! our team is trained to decipher over 144 skin types, and follow a training that was based on over 50,000 interactions with real people! our certified makeup artist perfect their techniques through daily practice - ensuring you get the care you deserve.

portia-ella is built on continued research and learning on ingredients, products, and skin issues. we evolve as the market evolves staying up to date helping you achieve your best skin health.

clean formulations

ingredients matter. portia-ella truly is canada's clean beauty standard. we represent all the best our country has to offer from brands who are conscious about avoiding toxic ingredients in personal care products.

you can rest assured that we've done the research, so you can confidently apply the products from our offering, knowing that what is being absorbed into your skin is safe and healthy.

Use our search feature to find products with ingredients that matter to you (ei: plant-based, allergen-free). Read more about our clean beauty standard here.

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you buy, we give

community matters to us and is deeply rooted in everything we do. portia-ella and the brands we retail collaborate around the world with charities that support a prosperous and balanced future. we support multiple local and national charities, collaborating on creative ways to fund and spread their message.

we are proud to be a Canadian brand making an impact across the world.

shopping with intention has never been easier.