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Living with Cancer


Erythema, scaling, crusting, and extreme dry skin, all of which are not only the source of much pain for those undergoing chemotherapy, but can also prevent them from living with cancer on their terms. Inspired, Corpa Flora created products that were effective but gentle enough to be safe for those undergoing chemotherapy. Certified by the Oncology Training International, an organization that educates beauty professionals to impact the lives of cancer patients with compassion and healing, Corpa Flora offers 8 soothing and repairing products that help to keep such delicate skin as healthy as possible.


Going through cancer is challenging enough without the scars and skin damage. Wanting to provide safe and effective skincare and makeup for those suffering from the associated skin conditions and radiation burns, Sweet LeiLani Cosmetics created innovative formulas using essential vegetable enzymes and botanical extracts that protect, feed, and revitalize the proteins in the skin, while improving cell regeneration. The coverage in their soothing makeup provides buildable coverage that still allows the skin to breathe and heal.

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