is that you? 

you live with awareness and consciousness of the impact our choices have and you want to help the world see the same. you are committed and bring your entrepreneurial fire to help drive portia-ella in shifting the mainstream perspective of thousands of people.

you know all your efforts are building a strong canadian economy that is sustainably focused in every way possible.

you will find growth within the health & wellness community that matches what you put in. if you're ready to make a positive impact on earth, we are your match

we embrace courage 

we use courage to challenge the status quo and disrupt traditional ways of thinking. this courage allows us to accept that we don’t know everything, but we’re willing to learn and try the seemingly impossible.

portia-ella makes a meaningful impact by taking on bold initiatives and big risks. We know that coming out bruised doesn’t mean we are weak, it means we are not afraid to take a shot at something worth doing!

current opening

holistic beauty advisor (skincare) - kelowna
holistic beauty advisor (makeup) - kelowna
studio manager
shipping and client service