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Sappho New Paradigm

Made by a makeup artist, for makeup artists, or anyone who enjoys quality, long-lasting makeup!

The Sappho New Paradigm collection features vegan, highly-pigmented ingredients, and all their products are the perfect mix of lightweight, high-coverage! You're sure to find new clean beauty staples for your makeup bag.

Giving Back: The Urban Native Youth Organization runs a program called Overly Creative Minds offering teens a studio from which to learn not only traditional Native art but any medium they feel a need to pursue. Partial proceeds from the sales of Sappho's Skin Luminizers will be donated to both these programs.

Sappho has also been supporting the Breast Cancer Support Fund for over 10 years. This organization offers concrete financial support to those with breast cancer for such things as baby-sitting, taxis to chemo or even covering their heating bill. They believe that many cancers are human-made and we owe a debt to those that suffer from it, to help them as much as possible. Partial proceeds from the Canadian sales of our Silky Setting Powder will go to the Breast Cancer Support Fund to help those in need.

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