the secret to looking dewy on video meetings

the secret to looking dewy on video meetings

You're just about to enter an important meeting. Usually, you would have given a warm handshake to win the first impression, shown off your best smile, and close the deal with a spark in your eye. Well, now we have video meetings, plenty of distractions and your dog or kids will most likely bark away in the middle of your moment.

These are real challenges. To establish a human-to-human connection, you have to step up your game and make sure your energy is felt right through wifi. Seems far-fetched? Well, it's not! We're energetic beings, and your laptop is just a tool helping you convey that energy!

First thing's first, you gotta feel and be empowered. 5 minutes pre-meeting do this simple energy hack, stand tall, shake off your hands, and sign out loud to clear your voice, you'll be entering that video meetings with the right energy.

We asked Fernanda Ferreira to create a look that shines through any screen and helps you make a confident impression. 

Step 1:

The Face Glow primer from Graydon is your new favorite primer. Face glow creates a beautiful dewy glow that allows your foundation to look even more dewy and natural. Don't get scared of the shimmer; it will give you just the right amount of glow. Face Glow

Step 2:

This foundation will blow your mind. I used FO2 Medium,  this foundation has a silky finish, builds nicely and evens out your skin tone. I like to apply it with a damp sponge for a supernatural look. Silk to Matte Foundation: 5 Shades

Step 3:

I mixed C02 and C03 to achieve the exact colour I wanted. Always bring the product closer to the end of your nose to avoid white circles around your eyes. Use the same side of the damp sponge used for the foundation (the little bits of foundation left on the sponge will make it blend nicer). Illumination Concealer: 3 Shades

Step 4:

Set your concealer with Sappho Silky Setting Powder. Use the side of your sponge that you haven't used yet, and dab the powder into your skin. NEVER STROKE. Always dabbing. The BLUR Setting Powder

Step 5:

The big secret for dewy skin is, CREAMS! I applied the cream blush Coral (B02) with a fluffy brush on top of my cheeks. Remember to use dabbing motions going UP, always. Add a little on top of nose for a Sunkissed look. Lip & Cheek Balm: 4 Shades

Step 6:

Bronze Goddess Blush from Sappho truly is a goddess product. Don't get intimidated by the shimmer; it will add dimension without being too much. Apply your bronzer on "c" upward motions to make sure you create that "facelift" look. Remember: blending is KEY. Bronzed Clove Bronzer

Step 7:

Liquid Highlighter from Dalish: I like to apply it on the top of my hand, and using my fingers, I add it to the top of my cheekbones, nose and brow bone. Add as much as you like; there's no right or wrong here. Just have fun! Illuminating Liquid Highlighter

Step 8:

The Sappho brush gives you the length without being clumpy (spider lashes, anyone?). I like to "shake" the wand as I walk it through the lash hairs. This mascara strengthens your lashes by being easy to wash away. Vegan Mascara

Step 9:

There's nothing like red lipstick to complete a look and awaken attention on the screen (and in-person). I used the Dalish lipstick Florence (L04). Use the corners of the lipstick to create that crisp line! Matte Lipstick: 7 Shades

Step 10:

If you want to set your makeup, the Hit or Mist from Veriphy is the way to go. Get ready to feel hydrated and dewy. Spray 2x on your face and you glow girl! Hit or Mist Facial Toner

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