Long Live Tattoos

Inspired by the idea that tattoos are living, breathing art collections, Kate took up the challenge to create a better way to do aftercare. Working together with a microbiologist/cosmetic chemist to get it right, the goal was to give fresh ink its best shot at a good heal, and infuse well-worn ink with new life. Each ingredient was thoughtfully chosen for a specific and beneficial purpose, and the results proved it. Kate had created something that she knew living art collectors would love…

  • More than aftercare… it would be ArtCare, infusing living art collections with life, health and vibrancy.
  • More than a product…  it would amplify the ink whose message must be seen to be heard.
  • More than a company… it would promote the culture of tattooed art being a beautiful and worthy artform.
  • More than herself… she would give back and invite tattoo art collectors to join her in making a difference.

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