general hygiene

hand sanitizer is made available for use at your discretion although we ask that you wash your hands upon studio entry.

we honour cash payments, although you may pay with debit or credit card. payment terminals are always sanitized after each use.

the team will assist with all handling of merchandise and testers at all times, please do not use a tester without assistance. 

physical presentation

we accept exemption if you cannot wear a mask. if a staff member is exempt and you feel more comfortable with your HBA or EMUA masking up, kindly let them know and they will accommodate you for the duration of your visit. 

if an HBA or EMUA is confirmed to have a viral infection or been notified that they were in a high risk setting in the past 14 days, they will not enter the studio.

if you're feeling ill or have a viral infection, you must refrain from visiting the studio or any other public spaces.

respectful behaviour

if a person is demonstrating disrespectful, discriminative or harmful behaviour to any staff members or other clients in our place of business, they will be asked to leave the studio immediately.