Aftershave - Bay Rum


An aftershave that soothes skin and refines pores to prevent ingrown hairs and irritation. Made with natural ingredients suitable for sensitive skin.

100 ml

  • Contains astringents that close pores and prevent ingrown hairs
  • Soothing ingredients to calm skin after shaving
  • Invigorating blend of essential oils

Aloe Vera Gel Juice – The gel extracted from the aloe plant that contains soothing polysaccharides that bind moisture to the skin.

Witch Hazel Hyrdosol – Composed of astringents that refine pores.

Tea Tree Hydrosol – A water infused with the properties of tea tree .

Apply to skin after shaving. Follow with moisturizer.

Tea tree hydrosol*, aloe vera juice*, witch hazel distillate, bay rum oil*, bergamot essential oil*, clove essential oil. 

*Certified organic

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