Dirty Hipster No. 4 Shampoo


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Natural, easy, long hair. Have effortlessly healthy hair that is shiny, clean & free of build-up, leaving you with hair that grows as quickly as wildflowers on the ranch.

The science behind the nature of locks that grow as quickly as wildflowers: Our shampoos use purposeful ingredients chosen for their clarifying properties starting at the root, so the hair strands are unimpeded in growth. Vegetable Based Keratin & Baobab Seed Protein create protective scaffolding around individual hair strands while providing superior protection from UV stress, pollution & heat. Nettle combats hair loss while Melissa Leaf has antimicrobial and scalp balancing properties.

Scent Experience: Earthy, Deep & Cleansing with Patchouli, Mint, Cocoa & Vetiver.

350 ml

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