Om Organics

Mini Face Care Kit - Combination · Sensitive · Blemish Prone


Try out the luxurious experience of Om Organics skincare in this mini format, designed specifically for gift-giving, travel, and skincare experimentation. This preppy package includes the entire collection of facial products for oily/combination, blemish-prone, and sensitive skin.  It’s everything you need for a confident glow without the full-size commitment!

Mini: Cleansing Gel · Face Mist · Hydrating Elixir · Face Oil · Moisture Cream · Eye Cream · Face Mask

  • Cleansing Gel - 2 weeks; two pumps, twice a day
  • Spirulina Mist - 2 weeks; four pumps, twice a day
  • Calm Infusion - 2 weeks; dime size, twice a day
  • Clarifying Face Oil - 4 weeks; four drops, twice a day
  • Moisture Cream - 2 weeks; pea size, twice a day
  • Eye Cream  - 6 weeks; 1/4 pea size, twice a day
  • Face Mask - 3 weeks; one dollop, once a week

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