Safety Razor


Made of brass with a silver matte finish, this top-of-the-line safety razor will provide years of plastic-free shaving with a close shave. The heavy weight provides excellent shaving control. Say hello to more sustainable shaving with a touch of old-school charm!

One Safety Razor + 1 Pack of 5 Blades

  • Heavy weight and well balanced
  • To be used with standard double edge razors
  • Plastic-free
  • Handle unscrews for blade changes and shave plate flips over for safe travel
  • Easy to clean

Work a small amount of shaving cream onto the skin, wet your razor in hot water and position it at about a 30° angle to your skin to avoid nicks and cuts, and shave using small strokes with the grain of your hair growth. Dip and swirl in hot water frequently to ensure a clean shave. Can be used daily. 

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