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"Self-Love" perfume is a harmonious blend of rose, sweet orange, ylang ylang, geranium, vanilla and patchouli. This botanical bouquet nurtures self-affection and inner joy. The romantic essence of rose awakens love and beauty within, while sweet orange uplifts spirits. Ylang ylang, with its alluring aroma, soothes the heart, and geranium brings emotional balance. Earthy patchouli grounds this blend, enhancing mental clarity. The subtle addition of vanilla envelops you in a comforting, cozy warmth, symbolizing the sweet embrace of self-love and the joy of nurturing your inner spirit.

Each bottle holds rose quartz crystals, the stone of love and self-compassion. This crystal amplifies the loving energy, fostering emotional healing and self-acceptance. Let  "Self-Love" be your daily ritual of self-care, enveloping you in a fragrant hug of floral bliss and crystal energy. 

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