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don't be at risk of sun damage

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Sun care is not as broad spectrum as simply applying an SPF. Our skin is unique, which means every single one of us will react to the sun in a different way. That being said, regardless of your skin tone, it is important to be sun safe to protect your skin from sun damage. Let's dive into the 3 types of sun and shade lovers to reveal your ultimate sun care practice.

don't be at risk of sun damage

All skin is at risk of sun damage, but lighter skin is at a higher risk then deeper skin because the darker the more more melanin production. Melanin is produced by skin cells and turns dark when exposed to sun rays blocking your chance of sunburn.

Interesting fact: Deeper skin tones naturally have an SPF of 4, however it's recommended that all skin types should apply an SPF 30 putting a layer of protection from UVA and UVB rays.

The best way to prevent sun damage is to: seek shade, wear sunscreen, and care for your skin with nourishing vitamin rich formulations.

protect your skin

Putting sunscreen on should not be a hassle, and if you have lighter skin you need to not forget the beneficial re-apply - but you know that's important.

Finding a natural sunscreen that feels comfortable, with nutrient rich ingredients, and actually protects your skin is not always easy.

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