The best sustainable and low-waste makeup brands at portia-ella

empowered and SUSTAINABLE!

In 2017, approximately 78 billion single-use plastic cosmetic packages were produced. Over half ended up in the landfill in 2018, and the rest in 2020. Keeping our environmental impact in check is a priority at portia-Ella. Sustainable beauty ensures you look and feel great while keeping the planet and ultimately your health top of mind.

Beauty with purpose, we are all up for that! We asked ethical makeup artist Fernanda Ferreira to create a sustainable look using our refillable tins. One palette, many looks!

The great thing about our palettes here at portia-ella is that you can literally mix and match the entire store. If you like a specific contour and a different blush, that’s ok! You can add whatever brand you want to your palette.

Less packaging = happy planet.  

Step 1:

Choose your favourite foundation! I used the Sweet LeiLani in the color sandbar. And remember, you can recycle your used foundation bottle by bringing it back cleaned to the closest portia-ella studio. Prep, Prime & Powder Finish Foundation: 7 Shades

Step 2:

Elate Creme Revealer! If you’re looking for a minimalist concealer, this is the one to go for. Great for under eyes and any spots you’d like to cover. Easily apply with a brush or your fingers! Creme Concealer Refill: 9 Shades

Step 3:

Time to Set! Easily set your makeup with the pressed foundation from Elate, it adds that extra coverage without making your skin feel dry. Remember to always press, never drag. Pressed Powder Refill: 10 Shades

Step 4:

Add some warmth with a bronzer! Doing a “3” on the side of your face, you will add shape and warmth to your look. Pro tip: less is more. Start with a small quantity and build up as needed. Bronzed Clove Pressed Bronzer

Step 5:

Blush girl! Choose your favourite blush color and apply it at the top of your cheeks to add that sun kissed look. Pressed Blush

Step 6:

Show that Glow! Using the Pure Anada Afterglow will add the most beautiful and subtle glow to your look! Afterglow Pressed Highlight Refill

Step 7:

Add some sparkle with Gold Dust from MisMacK! Starting on the inner corner, brighten up your eyes with this one of a kind eyeshadow. MisMacK Light/Highlight ART Shadows

Step 8:

Mascara! I used the Elate mascara to make my eyes pop! With “shaking motions” apply as many coats as needed. There’s no right or wrong with this mascara! Essential Mascara: 2 Shades

Upcycled Makeup Bag:

​StufF bags are made from upcycled clean Cotton and Wool cut-offs creating cute durable bags (no one alike). Hold your essentials in these sustainable beauties. StufF Bag

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