Lane Edwards - Pura Botanicals

Lane Edwards - Pura Botanicals

portia-ella wouldn't exist without the visionaries behind our partner brands. These are women who saw something missing in the Canadian market and then found the courage and ambition to make it available. Or perhaps they had a dream to create something to call their own and change the course of life for themselves and their families. We are eager to champion them as individuals - powerful and full of passion. We are proud to offer their creations here at portia-ella; the largest selection of clean-beauty products in Canada.  

Today we meet Lane Edwards, founder and director of Pura Botanicals. Pura Botanicals handcrafts luxury, clean skin care and body care products in small batches in their in-house lab and studio located in Edmonton, Alberta. One of the things that sets Pura apart is their pro-aging attitude, encouraging women to embrace the privilege of aging while still honouring their beauty and caring for their skin. Pura's formulas are made from wholesome, plant-based ingredients that offer a wealth of benefits to skin health while remaining safe to expecting women, those with sensitivities, and women of all ages. Lane herself is a devoted mother of 3, and we are delighted to share more about her story for this upcoming Mother's Day! 

about business

How long have you been an indie-beauty brand owner? We opened up our in-house lab and creative headquarters in 2015. I can’t believe it’s been 8-years, although the pandemic was like a time warp, so it actually feels more like 6-years. Before 2015, I spent 3-years formulating in my unfinished basement on an ikea table, usually with one of my babies on my lap. PURA was first launched on Etsy and in yoga studios. When we opened up our own lab, we forged into high-performance skincare and were one of the first indie clean brands in the beauty space to offer luxury clean beauty.

What was the inspiration to start your brand? When I became a mother, I became sensitive to all of my conventional beauty products. The synthetic fragrance and chemical additives literally made me feel so unwell. At the time, my mother was losing her battle with an autoimmune disease, and I felt deeply compelled to do something that would have a positive impact on women’s health through innovative clean beauty.

What is your involvement in the creation of your products? We create, source and formulate everything in our own lab. Being so hands-on with product development for PURA is what lends to the brand’s originality, attention to detail and MAGIC. I’m very passionate about working with plant-based ingredients as I have so much respect for nature and know its powerful capabilities to heal.

Amid all the challenges of owning your own business, what motivates you to continue chasing your dream? Definitely the impact we have in our client’s daily lives. It means so much to us to hear how our potions have given someone meaningful time with themselves, to pause, selfcare, breathe, and replenish what the effects of stress and daily demands have taken from them. At 42, I don’t want to turn to fillers to preserve my youth, so PURA is really a brand to empower women in their aging-journey. No judgment to women who do, but it’s just not for me. We also have never used the word anti-aging in any of our marketing or verbage. It’s a privilege and everyone deserves a seat at the table. PURA’s clients are mostly daughters and mothers, which is very special to me. 

Do you have a “best moment” in your journey that you will never forget? A highlight experience or turning point that changed everything? Absolutely. In 2019, we were contacted by Fleetwood Mac’s health coach (just happens to be my favorite band in the whole world). We became their official skincare for their 2019 last world tour. When they visited Edmonton, they gave us tickets to see them live and Lindsay Buckingham gifted my daughter his guitar pick. The stars truly aligned because one of PURA’s first potions, the Zingara Gold Mist (formally known as the Gypsy Mist), was inspired by Stevie Nicks. My muse when I formulated this sensuous body perfume with notes of rose geranium, vanilla and dark patchouli. Our signature Overnight Masks were their go-to for the tour. 

about clean beauty

What is your favourite product from your brand? We are known for our Overnight Watermelon Mask, even before the lovely Jillian Harris called it her ‘Holy Grail’ face mask. As a busy mom of three, a traditional mask no longer made sense in my routine. It’s the ultimate sleeping beauty mask- You wake up with the most pillowy soft, hydrated and smooth skin. I personally cannot live without the Ambrosia Beautifying Serum. It erases the sign of premature aging, works like an antihistamine to the skin, and delivers glow like nothing else. I also LOVE our Empress Eye Cream. I have very sensitive eyes and it’s the only product that doesn’t irritate them while nourishing the delicate skin with wild mushrooms, rare sea minerals and wild blueberry. I love how its firm, creamy texture melts into the skin. 

about you 

Describe a “day in your life”. I’d describe my days as very full. As a beauty founder who wears many hats (sometimes too many) and mother of three (10, 12 & 15-years old), I’m juggling all the time. My husband and I need to be a team in order to pull everything together on the daily. Some days we do it better than others. If dishes are left some nights, they are left. They’re not going anywhere, unfortunately. lol. I’ve learned that not everything is going to be perfect or get done, and I’ve had to surrender and lower my expectations of myself, and that’s ok. As long as everyone is safe, loved and healthy, we’ll be ok.

Do you have any tips to maintain balance in your day-to-day? Any life hacks you would like to share? Be flexible, take care of your mind and body, keep moving, and try to laugh every day. It’s the best medicine. And, don’t let perfectionism paralyze you. Keep creating no matter what, or rest and unplug to recharge.

What brings you joy – besides the brand you built? An extra hot cappuccino, snuggles from our 2-year old Shih Tzu, Chewie, seeing my kids thrive in sports and life, a weekend getaway to the mountains, ocean gazing, a long walk and giving back to my community as a female entrepreneur. 


From the "Our Founder" page at

"Since I can remember, I have always felt my best in nature. Plants especially inspire me with their beauty and powerful ability to heal. We need Mother Nature and her gifts to sustain our mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing. Pura really started because I felt so passionate about innovating beauty care products that I could trust. I am my own customer. It was ingrained in me from a young age with a mother and grandmother who were both knowledgeable, wise and passionate about holistic wellness and alternative medicine. My beloved mother also lost her heroic battle to Multiple Sclerosis eight years ago. My journey with her has made me even more protective of women's health and longevity. 

When I became pregnant with my first baby 11-years ago, I became sensitive to all of my conventional beauty products, and felt deeply compelled to innovate my own sophisticated, plant-based, eco-friendly line without the chemicals and synthetic ingredients I believe take away from a product's beauty, purity and effectiveness. Everything we create is rooted in plant science and self-love. Since I was a child, I loved taking care of my skin. My mother deeply inspired me by taking time for her rituals and prioritizing self care. As a mother of three now, health and wellness is more important to me than ever. 

PURA has evolved from a wellness collection to an extensive line of high performance skincare, baby care and botanical perfumes. We put enormous love and care into handcrafting our potions with the finest, ethical, cruelty-free, sustainable, and supernatural ingredients from around the world.

Community initiatives and collaborations are at the forefront of our company culture and product innovation. Supporting other like-minded entrepreneurs, ethical suppliers and community leaders not only inspires us, but it ensures that we are always aligned with our deepest values.

We are passionately committed to sustainability, safety, and creating the most advanced green beauty care inside our pristine modern-day lab and creative headquarters in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. It is my mission to share and educate women that health-conscious, non-toxic skincare is not only good for the earth, but also elevates a woman’s appreciation for her natural, individual beauty. 

Thank you for trusting PURA to be a part of your invaluable self care rituals. 

In pure we trust."

With Love,