lipstick on your eyes never looked this fancy!

lipstick on your eyes never looked this fancy!

Who said lipstick are meant to be used on your lips only? The wording may confuse you (lip.stick.) but we can guarantee that Tin Feather lipsticks have way more than one purpose!

We invited our makeup artist Fernanda and our Beauty Advisor Vee to show you that lipsticks work beautifully as a multi purpose product!

First cheeks! With a fluffy brush, gently apply the lipstick on your cheeks with upwards motions! Second do a colourful eyeliner!

Pick your color, and GO FOR IT! The good old lipstick (but with a twist). Create a simple but bold ombré lip that will make your lips look plump and beautiful!  

Watch this video guide how to get the look!

The best lipstick for cheeks, eyes, & lips: Velvet Lipstick: 20 Shades

The best tool to diffuse pigment on the cheeks: Blending Face Brush