simple 4-step skincare routine for mask acne

mask-ne: eczema, dry patches, stinging, burning & inflammation.

Real skin solutions for irritation issues your skin may have never experienced before. 

Clients are asking "Why is my skin breaking out from wearing a mask?"

Acne Mechanica, or the new coined name "Mask-ne", happens due to rubbing and irritation. Masks can worsen skin issues that already exist or cause new ones. Wearing a re-usable mask is ideal for avoiding waste, but make sure you consider what it is made of. Think of your mask like you would your underwear! A reusable mask should be made of cotton to allow your skin to breath. You should also be washing it often (ideally after every use). Built up bacteria on a mask can lead to further breakouts.

"What can I do about it? Im not used to my skin acting like this"

It's completely normal to not know what to do with skin conditions like acne. The first step is simplifying your skincare routine by choosing ingredients and products that are going to properly cleanse, heal and protect your skin from further damage.

Customize your 4-Step antioxidant rich and repairing routine

1. A Soothing Cleanser

Cleansing has never been so important. If you are wearing a mask, moisture, bacteria and environmental toxins are getting trapped between the mask and your skin.

It is important to remove oil, dirt and bacteria with a gentle, soothing formula to cleanse while avoiding stripping of natural oils.

2. A Balancing Toner

A water based toner or mist is still important, even though your masked skin may be experiencing more humidity than normal. Nourishing and light with ingredients like rose water, neroli water, witch hazel, and aloe, never alcohol-based or drying, delivering antioxidants and more to the skin.

3. A Repairing Moisturizer

Acne Mechanica happens due to rubbing and irritation. Masks can worsen skin issues that already exist or cause new ones. 

Using a healing and repairing creme is extremely important if you are wearing a mask. Reducing redness, calming and soothing the skin and bringing down inflammation will slowly help repair your skin.

4. A Healing Treatment

Take your mask-ne (Acne mechanica) healing to the next level with these targeted acne healing treatments.

Stop the spread of bacteria, target inflammation and fight very real mask-ne symptoms such a burning, redness, broken skin and more. 

Ingredient Tip

Look for ingredients such as: Turmeric, Almond & Hemp Oils, Rosehip, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E & Witch Hazel.

Using a daily moisturizing barrier such as Zyderma HS Clarifying Creme under your mask protects from further breakouts and stops the spread of bacteria. Scientific Studies have shown that micronized silver cleanses the skin of microbes and reduces the appearance of problem skin.

If you must wear a mask

Follow these 4 simple mask washing tips

    1. If you are wearing a reusable mask, make sure to wash after every single use.
      This will help stop the spread of built up bacteria. Have a few masks on hand so you have time to wash them.
    2. Choose a gentle, mild or unscented laundry detergent or soap to wash your masks.
      Harsh chemicals, perfumes or scents can lead to additional irritation.
    3. Make sure to hang dry masks.
      Putting masks in the dryer will loosen the fibers of the fabric making particulates enter your lungs while breathing in them.
    4. Yaaa, masks are all clean.
      Make sure to take you mask off for a few deep breaths of fresh air every 20 to 30 minutes and change your mask every hour to a new one.