tried & true (anti) aging champions that make your skin glow

tried & true (anti) aging champions that make your skin glow

Prevent and Protect from: Free Radicals & Environmental Factors

Growing old is a gift. It balances our life and allows us to shift our priorities at just the right time. Despite the beauty of it, most of us are obsessed with keeping our looks young. Is there something more to looking young than vanity? There sure is. The youthful face is just the tip of the iceberg!

Aging (we don't like the term anti-aging, we only use it for online ranking) skin oriented products are working to restore (active) the optimal function of your skin or prevent (preventive) the loss of it.

When your skin's functions are optimal, it will skillfully protect you against free-radicals, environmental factors such as pollution, extreme weather, and pushed air. It will do its very best to filter out anything that may come into contact with your skin (which is why portia-ella has NO products that contain nano ingredients as these go right through the skin's barrier). So really, when you're applying our "anti-aging" creams, you're boosting your skin's health and ability to do its job well. 


To protect your cells from harmful free radical damage, a.k.a the number one culprit of aging skin, you need to consume ten portions of antioxidant-rich fruits and veggies a day. Seems like a far reach? Try these: 

Champion Ingredients:

Hyaluronic acid  |  Vitamin C  |  Botanical Retinol

Hyaluronic acid
Our body naturally produces hyaluronic acid (aka HA). As we age, it naturally begins to deplete, and cells no longer hold enough water. Collagen itself degenerates, leading to skin elasticity loss. Incorporating HA into your skincare routine will immediately plump your skin as it will pull 1000x its weight in moisture while increasing skin cell production!

Vitamin C
This powerhouse ingredient is well-known for its collagen production and brightening of the skin. It can shield skin from the visible impacts of environmental stressors and free radicals. Its ability to even out skin tone and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles makes it a multi-functional favourite.

Botanical Retinol
Retinoids have more proven skin benefits than any other anti-aging or anti-breakout ingredient. Beware of synthetic retinoids like Retin-A or retinyl palmitate, which often leads to increased skin sensitivity. Using botanical retinol will enhance collagen and elastin production without irritation.

Active Collection

This collection of active ingredients are clinically proven to not only protect but reverse damage on the skin. Paired with moisturizing properties, get ready for your skin to glow with health!