not your typical NY wishes

not your typical NY wishes

Between December 21 and 25, in one way or another, we celebrated the light coming back. We finally reached the longest night and, with it, welcomed the light making its way into our lives again. We hung lights in and out of our houses in celebration, and if you are of Christian faith, you have associated the return of the light to the world with the birthing of Jesus Christ. It is an absolute delight to take part in the energy of gifting, togetherness and a gentle reminder of what's to come after the most challenging part of the year (January/February). When we experience Christmas with love and ease, it can truly offer hope, a glimmer of light. 

It takes approximately six months for the light to come back to its peak, and only at the midpoint (March 21) we, the planet, plants and animals awaken. We seem to be re-born after months of calm and rest. Flowers bloom, animals wake, many make babies! Greens are sprouting and for us, we feel more alive again! It's not coincidence that this time is also associated with the resurrection of Christ!

This magical time of awakening is precisely when "New Year" is for me. And interestingly, the previous calendar used just over 400 years ago agrees. New Year used to be on April 1st!

Energetically, it all feels so right. In March, we all feel the last of the strong inward pull. We review the year past, and think on what's next. We let ourselves be carried by the blossoms and sprouts around us, and within, it's the perfect time to plant our seeds (aka set our direction for the new year). 

If you were to make NY resolutions during that time, how much more likely would you achieve or feel in line with what you set your mind toward?

January is a time of stillness. The coldest colds are still to come. It is still dark early outside and we're pulled to stay cozy and warm in our homes. Some experience "winter depression" or "lack of light depression". Remember these resolutions you forced yourself into on NYE? How is that going now? Was it the right time to review everything from the previous year while it's dark and your mind is still clinging to the glimpse of hope you received during Christmas time?

The environment is sleeping, the animals are sleeping, and those who do not sleep are going SLOW. It's not "depression" if you hear the wisdom of the Creation tell you to do the same. Slow down. Slow, so you can expand and give yourself the room to grow. You can still be active, or work, or do what you must for your family. It's more a reminder to being mindful of your energies, where you chose to expand them, go to bed early and allow yourself to dream of what this year will hold.

Going with the flow of the energies in our world instead of against it allows us to expand and grow, even though we understand this goes against what we are socially expected to do - which is to review our year in December and set up plans for 2023. 

portia (an offering) -ella (the the feminine) is an offering to the sacred feminine energy in respect of all life-form, represented by the circular logo reminding us of the perfect cycle of life. This means to us that we review and set forth our direction at the same time as mother nature does it, toward the end of March. 

Until then, we wish you a restful beginning of 2023, a heart full of gratitude, and the courage to flow and balance between necessities, expectations and your calling. Expect to experience full of joy in the year 2023 and keep dreaming of the year ahead until it takes shapes. 

With so much love, 

Julie Michaud Angelatos