indulge all your senses

indulge all your senses

Stimulus is all around us, all the time, but it fails (more often than not) to truly satisfy us and make us feel complete, at rest, and fulfilled. This deficiency can lead to increased stress, poorer sleep, and increase our craving for unhealthy food and behaviours.

Try these 6 ways to treat your senses to a full, luxury experience, that is sure to calm and fulfill you to your core.

one. sight

Set the scene. Imagining a peaceful night in inevitably begins with a luxurious soak in the bath, surrounded by candles and incense. While baths on their own can improve our moods, help us sleep better, relax us, while soothing and exfoliating our skin, the addition of a therapeutic bath salt can help to relieve muscle pain while improving circulation. Transport yourself to an open field of roses with Kalkáy Wild Rose Yarrow Bath Salts or to tropical Bali with Magnesium Bali Bath Soak.

If you’re not a bath person, we’ve got just the thing for you! The ritual of bathing can be adapted for the shower as well, but instead of soaking in a tub, the Vanilla Moon Radiant Body Scrub can stimulate circulation and provide that exfoliation as you massage it diligently in circular motions. Exiting the bath or shower, you’ll notice a newfound radiance from head to toe.

two. sound

From start to finish of this self-care ritual, the perfect soundtrack can really elevate your experience and truly submerse you into all that it has to offer. Embody the person that deserves this treatment because YOU DO!

  • If you’re looking for a soothing vintage groove playlist, try Living Room
  • For a mix that you can vibe to with tracks from all over the world, try Fire
  • If feel-good funky grooves are what you’re craving, go for Funk
  • Last but not least, if what you need is something uplifting, try our favourite: Strength. Featuring many tracks from Winnipeg’s own Kelly Bado, it’s truly a treat!

three. smell

Smelling good can raise our mood, relax us, increase our confidence, and remind us that we are precious and worth taking care of. Sink into a scent and travel to a sunny field, a citrus farm, a floral garden, or in the case of the Zingara Gold Mist, an exotic vacation in the tropics.

Om Organics’ Pink Coconut and Wild Plum + Cypress Body Oils are perfect for those who want a personal scent but want it to be ultra-light. While the nourishing oils sink into the skin, the light and delicious scent lingers on the skin, creating the most delicate fragrance halo around you.

four. touch

Touch is the source of so much divine pleasure, whether alone or with a partner. Until recently, products created for the most intimate of times contained harmful and irritating ingredients, leaving many with no choice but to experience discomfort or painful reactions. No longer!

The Lover’s Oil is an all-natural massage oil, best used for fun in the bedroom, made from 10 of the most sensual essential oils. The scents elevate the experience of the smooth, light oil on the skin, increasing sensations of closeness.

Skinny Dipping Sex Gel is the product many have been waiting for. A luxurious water-based lubricant, its primary purpose is creating pleasure for even the most sensitive bits, creating that effortless slip with absolutely no stickiness.


five. taste

We can't forget about taste! While our skin, ears, noses, and ears enjoy the beautiful setting, our tastebuds are sure to feel neglected. No worries! Our favourites for an occasion like this range from fresh fruit to dates and ginger tea. For those who enjoy herbal teas, the Nékwentsut Rose + Nettle + Mint Tea is a refreshing all-season tea that’s packed with vitamin C and soothing qualities. Perfect for recovery and peace.

six. emotion

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we’re reminded to reflect on our relationships. That being said, whether you have a romantic partner or are currently single, nurturing your relationship with yourself is always important, and should always be a priority. Unfortunately, this is often overlooked, leaving us out of touch with our deeper selves.

This Valentine’s, join us at portia-ella in writing a love letter to yourself, one that only your eyes will see, but one that truly expresses the love and appreciation you have for everything that you are. This must be done by pen and paper (we insist!), and can be as long as you wish it to be. Open your heart to yourself, embrace yourself, and welcome more romance blooming into your life stemming from the love you show yourself!