zero-waste body and hair care

reduce: plastic free bathroom

reduce your bathroom plastic this year!

Close your eyes. Imagine stepping into your bathroom and following your typical morning routine. How much plastic do you touch? What if 70% of that plastic no longer existed, we would live in a better world.

This does not mean your morning routine doesn't exist! Low and zero-waste living is easier than you think and we are here to help you reduce the plastic in your bathroom.

"But, where do I start?" One may ask. 

Start by replacing pump hand and body wash with soap bars. Next explore a deodorant in a plastic-free tube, then choose a shampoo & conditioner bar set that matches your hair type, and let's throw out that plastic toothbrush opting for bamboo.

Before you know it, you'll be touching a lot less plastic during your bathroom routine! Plastic-free products that perform do exist, and we have the best Canadian made low and zero-waste options for you to explore. 

Environmental Facts to Consider

Learn what portia-ella is doing to help reduce beauty waste.

In the last year, approximately 78 billion single-use plastic cosmetic packages were produced. Over half of that packaging ended up in the landfill and the rest within the next couple years, cosmetics containers traditionally never get upcycled and they won't decompose in our lifetime.

Future generations will see our plastic for the next couple hundred years. Wonder what they will say about us!

Keeping our beauty environmental impact in check is a primary focus at portia-ella. Sustainable and ethical beauty can ensure you look and feel great while keeping the planet, our health, and future generations top of mind.

Oral Care

Non-toxic and sustainable, our growing oral care collection is great for those staple items you can’t live without.

Bamboo toothbrushes, refillable or low waste accessories, fluoride-free toothpaste and power - Healthy and holistic smiles for all!

Hair Care

Your zero-waste hair care dreams have come true. We curate effective, customizable, and effortless hair care while maintaining our eco-friendly values.

No matter your hair texture and type, you're covered. All bars have the portia-ella healthy, silky, bouncy hair approval!

Body Care

From compostable & non-toxic deodorants, to package free body soaps, lotions and body shimmer, we've got your entire body covered with low waste options.

It has never been easier to find body essentials without the plastic. Making the switch to a plastic free bathroom effortless.

Bathroom Accessories

Check out Canadian made organic cotton, hemp, and konjac accessories created with sustainability, low and zero-waste in mind