shaving bumps: how to prevent them

shaving bumps: how to prevent them

Devika DeRaj

Many of us may be shaving more often in the summer and would prefer to prevent skin bumps, “strawberry skin”, and ingrown hairs. Is it even possible, though?

The truth is, shaving causes these side effects because of how abrasive it is to our skin.

This easy mindful routine will make shaving gentler on your skin, cause less inflammation, and ultimately, significantly reduce the skin bumps caused by shaving. 

  1. Reduce friction by smoothing the skin’s surface. Some may enjoy a moisturizing body scrub like Rosé All Day or Neroli and Pepper Body Scrub, while others prefer to begin their routine with an invigoration Dry Brushing session. If you struggle with keratosis pilaris or body breakouts, try the Enzymatic Dermal Polish, an exfoliating treatment, to breakdown dead skin, reduce redness, and brighten the surface.
  2. Shave with care using a lathering body soap. The lather is important! Try Sunset Nectar Body Wash for amazing aromas, or Lemon, Lavender, and Mint Moisturizing Bar for a low-waste option.
  3. Apply an “aftershave” mist. The purpose of an aftershave is to cleanse the skin of bacteria, heal exposed micro-cuts, and rehydrate the skin. Marine Minerals Mist does just this (plus it smells like the sea!), and contains a dose of natural BHAs to continue the exfoliation process.
  4. Seal in the hydration with a body oil or butter. This is non-negotiable after shaving. Try Pink Coconut Body Butter or Wild Plum Body Oil for nourishment and a delicious scent.
  5. Shave only because YOU want to. You can always just let it be!