naturally aging skin is beautiful

restore: powerful active ingredients for glowing skin

It's 11 am on a Saturday and you've just braved the packed parking lot for the first time this summer. You're ready for an epic beach day. Bathing suit already on and feeling pretty invincible. "Just 20 minutes and then ill put some sunscreen on" (sure, thats what we all say). Friends arrive, food and bevies come out and all of a sudden its 5 pm, you've applied your sunscreen once. You look down and can barely recognize the pink hue cascading your entire body. Oops...

We've all been there, and know exactly how that shower is going to feel when we get home. So, if you have an "oops" day, here is what you can do to heal, soothe and repair your damaged skin, hydrate the heck out of yourself and protect your skin next time. 

Timing is key Giving your skin attention right away is the most important part in healing the skin. First, drink a few glasses of water. The skin replenishes from the inside out.

Follow a 4-Step nutrient rich combination routine to restore your skin after a day in the sun

1. Cleanse with soothing, healing, moisturizing formulas

After a day in the sun, your skin is already dehydrated. Using a cleanser that doesn't strip your natural oils will leave you face fresh and clean. Here are our top picks:

2. Soothing Toners & Elixirs

A water based toner or mist will be your dehydrated and sun damaged skins best friend. Nourishing and light with ingredients like rose water, neroli water, witch hazel, and aloe, never alcohol-based or drying, delivering antioxidants and more to the skin.

3. Hydrate & Repair Sun Damaged Skin

Repairing sun damage is not a quick fix, but it is possible to lighten and brighten dark spots, even the skin tone and replenish the collagen and elastin in your skin.

Choosing skin products that have: Peptides, AHA's, Retinol, Collagen, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Pink Rock and Argan Oil.

4. Exfoliate & Refresh

In the territory of beautiful tanned skin comes dry, flaky and dead skin cells. Because your skin is damaged, you are likely to experience more dead skin cells flaking off.

By incorporating a soft manual or chemical exfoliant into your skin routine, you will keep your skin looking and feeling smooth fresh and glowing.

Prepare for next time:

If you don't prefer summer days with a hat on your head, coverup and a cool spot in the shade make sure you care for your skin with super packed skincare products.

Don't leave it until you started noticing the sun damage till you started taking sun care seriously,
be committed and know we are here for support on how to renew your skin from sun damage. 

Incorporate these repairing skincare products into your nightly routine is going to feel so good!