4 steps to your healthiest hair ever

4 steps to your healthiest hair ever

Calling all hair care lovers!

This April, in anticipation of Earth Day, we're so excited to discuss low-waste and eco-friendly self care all month long, from hair care to makeup and more! Upgrading our hair care routines to locally-made, low-waste, consciously-packaged, and toxin-free products presents us with the opportunity to make a positive impact on our planet, but that doesn't mean you have to give up achieving the hair of your dreams.

In fact, it could be the start of your best hair yet!

Explore this hair guide and our offering, based on common hair and scalp issues. Still have questions? Remember to message us through our website chatbox for custom hair care recommendations!


1. scalp therapy · dry/oily/damaged/itchy/sensitive

We know how it is, having an itchy scalp can make you want to rip your hair right out! Suffering from a damaged scalp is not only uncomfortable, but can also lead to impaired hair growth, lowered hair density, and damaged hair. While our instincts encourage us to itch, leaving our scalps alone and feeding them soothing treatments instead is the quickest way to a calm and healthy scalp. Stimulate hair growth and heal the scalp with these herbal scalp treatments.

Amla Seed + Rosemary Scalp Treatment Serum · Scalp Therapy

2. hair treatments · frizziness/split ends/breakage/dullness

Similarly to our faces, our hair also enjoys a concentrated, nourishing mask that restores moisture, vibrance, and softness. The best part about hair masks? While you get to enjoy the immediate results that a hair mask provides, the vitamin, mineral, and protein-rich ingredients within it leave your hair and hair follicles stronger, increasing the hair's ability to hold moisture and resist breakage. Enjoy an at-home hair spa experience with these hair masks and treatments!

Coconut + Pracaxi Deep Conditioning Hair Mask · Nurture Hair Oil · Hibiscus + Daikon Seed Protective Hair Oil

3. clean, sudsy shampoos · volumizing/growth stimulating/oily scalp

Gone are the days where choosing a toxin-free shampoo means an unsatisfactory lather, unbalanced pH, and unpleasant residue left in the hair. Our wide selection of shampoos address a variety of hair issues from oily scalps and dry scalps to low hair volume and frizziness in both liquid and bar forms. How cool is that?! 

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4. silky silicone-free conditioners · smoothing/nourishing/strengthening

Most conventional conditioners rely on silicone or dimethicone's smoothing texture to create shiny, soft hair, however this can result in buildup along the hair shaft that may lead to duller and dryer hair in the long term. Switching to a silicone-free conditioner, either bar or liquid, that's packed with vitamins, proteins, and nourishing fats instead will leave you with silky locks that only get healthier and shinier with time!

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