Maximum Intensity Refillable Black Mascara

Sappho New Paradigm

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Intensely black, this lengthening Vegan Mascara has been created with organic fruit and plant waxes to be both long-lasting and smear-less, buildable yet gentle enough to come off with water. Its formula and state-of-the-art silicone wand are irreplaceable, separating and coating each lash individually creating intense length, with no flaking or transferring throughout the day; no "raccoon eyes" with green beauty's darling mascara.

Sappho's original formula remains unchanged: the mascara you know and love since 2016 has only swapped looks to become more sustainable.  A world first: packaging and formula tested inside and out for PFAS (<10ppm). This revolutionary refillable clean mascara took over two years to come to life. Now let's make the beauty industry better together!

8 ml

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