a red lipstick for YOU

a red lipstick for YOU

a story from our studio... 

Last week, a beautiful woman came into the boutique. A visitor from Romania, she was captivated by the makeup samples on display; shimmering loose mineral eyeshadows, reflective highlighters and lipstick were of particular interest to her. I assisted her as she applied a neutral, pinkish mauve shade of lip colour. Lovely! It was added to her selection of products she planned to purchase that day.   

I turned my back to help other guests in the store, and when I came back to her I was surprised to see her wearing a stunning red lip colour. Wow - she looked incredible!  “I’ve never worn red lipstick before”, she confided in me. “Really?” I could hardly believe it because it suited her so perfectly. It didn’t take any convincing to add it to her purchase pile.   

Unlike any other lip colour, red is a universal shade that is striking on every woman. While there are different shades that are better suited for various skin tones, there most definitely is a red lipstick for everyone. In this article, we will explore the red lipstick options offered here at portia-ella from our selection of Canadian-made, women-led, independent, clean beauty brands. Different undertones, textures and pigment profiles differentiate them from one another. You’re sure to find one you love! 💋   

find the right shade

Red is for everyone, however there are certain reds that may be better than others for your skin’s undertone (warm vs cool). 

cool-toned reds

A cool red is one that has a blue undertone, making it shift more toward pink. Cool reds are typically described as cherry if they’re bright or burgundy if they’re dark.  People who look best in a cool-toned lip colour are those who typically glow in cool toned clothing - either bright and clear (blues, pinks and purples) or soft and muted (rose, mauve and smokey blues). If you’re familiar with the colour “seasons” - these would be people categorized in the Winter or Summer palette.  

Cool-toned red lipsticks: L.O.V.E. (MisMack), Florence L04 (Dalish), Prim (Elate)  

warm-toned reds 

A warm red has a yellow undertone, making it shift more orange. Warm reds are typically described with adjectives such as sienna, or brick. People who look best in warm-toned red lipsticks are those who typically radiate in warm-toned clothing - yellows, oranges, mossy greens and toasty browns. If you’re familiar with the colour “seasons” - warm reds are best suited for Autumn and Spring palettes.  

Warm-toned red lipsticks: Coy (Elate), Ruby (Pure Anada), Canada 150 (DaLish)

neutral-toned reds

A neutral red is a true red. It has neither pink or orange undertones. True reds work on all skin tones! If you’re unsure whether you look best in cool or warm undertones, you can’t go wrong with a true, fire-engine red!   

Neutral-toned reds: Voltage (Tin Feather), Fascinate (Pure Anada), Darling (Elate) 

As always, feel free to use the portia-ella search feature at the top of each category, including LIPSTICK to find products that suit your desired look, finish, ingredients, and values. We hope you will find YOUR perfect red lipstick from our offering of Canadian-made, clean beauty brands. ❤️ 


Left to Right: Fascinate (Pure Anada), Voltage (Tin Feather), Darling (Elate), Florence L04 (Dalish), L.O.V.E. (MisMack), Prim (Elate) 

Our model in the featured blog photo is wearing Fascinate by Pure Anada